An over-reaction of the body’s immune system, where different chemicals are released to try and destroy the perceived invader.


Medication, foods (e.g. eggs, nuts, kiwis, strawberries, sea food, etc), perfumes and soaps.


There will be redness, hives, and itchiness in the area. There will also be swelling which can be life threatening if this is near the throat or face because it can restrict breathing. Unconsciousness.


Immediately remove the person from the cause. Activate the EMS immediately. Assist them in taking their medication (Epi-Pen). The epi-pen is injected in the upper thigh, where there is plenty of tissue and blood flow. First, the top safety cap needs to be removed which allow the spring inside the tube to work once the epi-pen is thrust into the leg muscle. Once injected the epi-pen should be held in place for about 20 seconds to make sure all the medicine enters the tissue. This needle is a single dose, meaning you can not use the same needle more than once. If the person has a second epi-pen, do not use it until the symptoms return.