Asthma is a disease that you can be born with or develop later on in life. Some people outgrow it as they get older. When someone has an asthma attack their air passages become very tight, they spasm, and secrete mucous. This makes it very difficult to breathe. Usually breathing out may be more difficult than breathing in.


Physical exertion, emotional stress, irritants in the air such as dust or smoke, cold dry air, or hot humid air.


The person will be gasping for air, there will be wheezing sounds, they will appear weak and tired, they will be anxious, and will become unconscious if the condition worsens.


Find out if they are having an asthma attack by asking them. Help them take their medication. But remember that you are not allowed to administer it. All you can do is help them take it. Help them move away from the cause of the asthma attack. Activate the EMS if the medication doesn’t help or they become worst.