This is where something is stuck in your throat and you are having trouble breathing. It can be a partial obstruction where you can still cough and breath, or it can be complete where you can not breathe at all.


Eating too fast, swallowing without chewing, laughing and talking while eating. For children and infants some other common causes include broken balloon pieces, toys, other objects that they may find lying around.


If itís a partial obstruction the person will be attempting to remove the object by coughing. If itís a complete obstruction the person will not be able to cough, they will be turning blue, they will look scared.


If itís a partial obstruction just stay with the person and encourage them to keep coughing. If you think itís getting worse then get help. If itís a complete obstruction then you need to do abdominal thrust (chest thrusts if they are pregnant or too large for you to get your arms around them).Continue the thrusts until the objects comes out or the person becomes unconscious.

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