Circulation-blood vessel disease

Circulation refers to blood circulating throughout the body. The major cause of circulation problems is usually a heart attack, but can also be caused by injury, breathing problems, shock, etc. If the person is not breathing than circulation will also stop, therefore, CPR must be started as soon as possible.


It simply refers to the narrowing of the blood vessels by plaque build up. This will cause poor blood flow to any part of the body, including the heart which can cause a heart attack, or the brain which can cause a stroke. In the case of a heart attack the blood vessels (coronary arteries) have become blocked and no longer allow blood to flow through to the heart muscle. As a result the heart muscles can not function properly and will soon die.


Non-Modifiable Risk Factors, meaning you can not control these. They include; age, gender (male or female), type I diabetes, heredity/genetics. Modifiable Risk Factors, meaning you can control these. They include: smoking, obesity, sedentary life style, high blood pressure/hypertension, and diet (e.g. fat/cholesterol intake).

More on risk factors:


Tiring easily, chest pain when physically active, out of breath when moving around, etc.


Treatment involves having a physical check up. If there is a problem then your physician will discuss possible treatment options.