Internal Bleeding


This is where the blood vessels are broken but the skin is not, so the person is bleeding under the skin. Injured organs will result in internal bleeding.


Usually physical trauma, being hit, falling. Very common in car accidents.


Bruising, pain, tenderness, mechanism of the injury, blood in spit, vomit, or urine.


If itís a minor bruise on the arm or leg then rest the injured part, apply an ice pack for a few minutes, and watch for signs that it is not healing. If itís severe internal bleeding in the core of the body then active the EMS, make sure the person is resting, treat for shock, apply an ice pack, but do NOT put pressure over the wound.

Internal bleeding is not always obvious, but can be life threatening. Infection can occur with any would whether internal or external. If you suspect an infection then seek medical help immediately, as it can become life threatening. Watch out for warning signs such as; the wound is not healing or is getting bigger, discoloration, fluid discharge, and increased pain.